Nyai Raki dan Tamu Asing


Miss you


Pertahanan Nyai Raki akhirnya bobol juga. Perlahan-lahan airmata  mengalir ke pipinya yang keriput.

” Sudahlah mak, toh mereka kini sudah datang “, ujar Munaroh anak bungsunya.

” Iya, tapi sebenarnya mereka itu mudik untuk apa dan untuk siapa. Kakak-kakakmu serasa menjadi orang asing di rumah ini “, kata wanita tua itu sembari mengelus  pundak Munaroh yang sedang membereskan meja makan. Read More »

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The Role of Logo in Promoting Your Products and Services

A principal business that is engaged in trade and services  should be able to promote the production of goods and services as well as possible through online and offline media. Online promotion conducted through the site / website, social net working e.g Facebook, Twitter, email and so forth. As for offline promotion can be done through the event of trade exhibition by using trade show flooring  and or  trade show carpet , neon box , business cards, banners, billboards and other objects are easily seen.

Of course the logo, name and address of the company’s most widely installed at the trade show or trade exhibition. At this event there is virtually no place that is not installed logos, names and addresses of sellers of products and services with varying shapes and color molds that attracts attention of the visitor of this event. They print the logo and name of the company on trade show flooring or trade show carpet which vary in term of the size, shape, color and the material. Of course the company could order such mats and carpets at the carpet factory.

One form of promotional goods and services are also commonly used is to print the logo, name and address of the company,  the sale of goods and services on the floor or stage such as floor mats or rugs, carpets, roof of the tent or canopy. By printing logos, names and addresses on the floor or floor mat the goods or services will be viewed by a potential buyer or tenant services.

If you watch a boxing match for example, on a pedestal boxing ring there is always a logo mats of  certain company are printed on the mat or carpet  of the  ring. If the mat or carpet is  highlighted  by a television camera the whole world will see the logo and name of goods, hotels, or products which promoted by the company. Similarly, if there are outdoor activities such as in car racing. We often see logo canopy printed on the roof or cover of the tent for the spectator seats are also fitted some logos and company names which may conduct  a sponsorship of  of that events.

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